Positioning to Protect and Preserve from EMP/HEMP 
Energy Field Security, Inc. (EFS) was formed in 2009 to supply our oil producing companies with CO2 monitoring and compliance with Colorado of Public Health & Environment standards. Today the organization is helping our Government, State and DoD contractors with compliance laid out in NIST Special Publication 800-209 Security Guidelines for Storage Infrastructure.
Storage technology, just like its computing and networking counterparts, has evolved from traditional storage service types, such as block, file, and object. Specifically, the evolution has taken two directions: one along the path of increasing storage media capacity (e.g., tape, Hard Disk Drives, solid-state drives (SSD)) and the other along the architectural front, starting from direct-attached storage (DAS) to the placement of storage resources in networks accessed through various interfaces and protocols to cloud-based storage resource access, which provides a software-based abstraction over all forms of background storage technologies.1 In 2020, EFS made the decision to re-brand and re-launch the organization as an organization committed to the defense of the infrastructure and assets of the United States through Electro-Magnetic Pulse solutions and provide a DAS designed to protect against all EMP/HEMP hazards.