At Energy Field Security, Inc. we feel our company's unique services will not only be needed to help the Oil and Gas Industry adhere to the new EPA Clean Air Act regulations and Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment new legislation, but also prove to be a strong ally in the securing of our energy producers operating in Colorado. By providing a level of transparency we are revealing potential Violate Organic Compound emissions and notifying our clients and/or the proper authorities with video verification from our security monitoring station located in here in Colorado.  
  Once our surveillance security and  Human Machine Interface control solutions is integrated into our clients daily routine and operations, only then will we be able to prove how truly indispensable and unique our services are.

By being PRO-ACTIVE  instead of being RE-ACTIVE, allows us 
to respond to real threats, in real time! Trust with Verification.                         
CyberLock Helps Meet NERC Requirements
Videx showcased its suite of CyberLock access control products at the DistribuTECH/Utility Products show in San Antonio last month. The show was very successful and we confirmed that there is a security need in the utility industry which CyberLock can meet.
In particular, CyberLock can help meet Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards that address physical access to critical cyber assets. Standard CIP-005 requires secure identification and protection to all Critical Cyber Assets.
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CDPH&E proposes air rules for the oil and gas industry
On February 25th 2014 , the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPH&E) proposed a suite of highly cost-effective regulations that would reduce harmful air pollution from the oil and natural gas industry while allowing continued, responsible growth in U.S. oil and natural gas production.
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